Eurovision. Russia chooses. Labour is everything.

21 2005
The road to the final lies through the hard work. And Alexander Panajotov and Alexey Chumakov know how to do it. Their passing to the final of the selection Eurovision. Russia chooses on First Channel - in the large report about the semi-final in Ostankino.
The 18th of February became the special day for FBI Music company. Alexander Panajotov and Alexey Chumakov became the finalists of the selection round of First Channel Eurovision 2005.
After special performance for Ural and Siberia at day, the guys became the second according to voting. However they kept their joy inside, because the European part of Russia is unpredictable and can completely change the results of voting. And still, people shivered the congratulations to them being afraid of scaring the luck.
Of course, not only the luck affected the success. The guys had really good song Balalayka, written specially for the event by composer Kim Breitburg and poet Karen Kavaleryan. Sprightly, dynamic, beauty and melodic, perfectly performed real hit. Besides, the guys looked as usual great: stylish and neat.
Natalia Povolotskaya, Arina Ritz, Oxana Kazakova and Olga Vatlina, the participants of the A-sortie band also contributed to the successful performance of Alexey and Alexander, due to their rocking dances and back-vocal.
Some members of the fan-club were noticed among those, who came to support our guys, they dressed Russian traditional costumes and took balalaikas in hands. It may seems not important, but it is very valuable for the artists, especially young, to see the faces of fans in the hall and feel the support.
The situation got more complicated after the second place of Lesha and Sasha according to the first results. From one side, that was the confirmation that the song was really good, and from the other it would be very pitiful to loose in European part. The jokes were changed by the silence. Everybody worried a lot. And only the guys stayed calm and prepare for the singing. So their confidence and aspiration to win was clearly seen before the moment they had to go on stage.
Another pleasant surprise was the preference of the judges. The guys were very glad to see the first results. Though they had no euphoria, or it lasted very little time, because they understood well that it was only the first step on the road to Eurovision. The final waits for them, where are rather strong rivals.
But that doesnt scare the guys, who got used to competitive way of life - they graduated the Peoples Artist project. On contrary, they have many surprises to amaze and please the public. However, there wont be any result without the work, so after Friday joy the guys went to rehears on Saturday, because there is only one weak left before the final.
The whole stuff of FBI Music congratulates the guys with that very important victory and wish luck on next step.