Kim Breitburg at the piano

15 2005
And now, all the artists of FBI Music spend all their time in rehearsals and preparations to the concert of Kim Breitburg those words became natural to almost every news block of FBI Music. Since the November, that event got large coverage in the press. And finally, it took place. Lets repeat one more time:
On 13th of February, in the State Kremlin Palace the concert, devoted to the 50th anniversary of famous composer Kim Breitburg, took place. On scale that event, long awaited by everybody, could compete with the biggest concerts of Kremlin, because there was the greatest constellation of stars on the main stage of Russia at the same evening.
There were Philip Kirkorov and Anastasia Stotskaya, Larisa Dolina and Valeriy Meladze, Boris Moiseev and Ludmila Gurchenko, Jasmin and Diana Gurtzkaya, Valeriy Leontiev and Slava, Laima Vaiculee and Nikolay Trubatch, the Prime Ministr band and the finalists of the project Peoples Artist -1 and 2 Alexey Goman, Alexander Panajotov, Alexey Chumakov, Ruslan Alekhno, the A-sortie band and many more. The hosts of that unforgettable show were Ivan Urgant and Anastasia Chernobrovina.
The atmosphere backstage was the same tense than on the stage and in the hall: all artists gave interview to the press and congratulated Kim Breitburg.
Meanwhile, other VIP person were remarked on the concert good old friends of Kim Breitburg Valeriy Belotserkovski, Arthur Gasparyan, Arkadiy Ukupnik, the leader of the band Circle and Cruise Michail Finezilberd and Alexander Monin, the legendary band Dialog and many more.
The most popular songs of the composer were performed during the three hours of the concert. The duet of Boris Moiseev and Nikolay Trubatch Just Schelkunchik and Petersburg-Leningrad with Ludmila Gurchenko, Northern Girl of Prime Ministr, Radio baby and Kalimangaro of Philip Kirkorov and many other compositions. Besides, everybody were charmed by the great decorations that were done by Eugeny Fridland. His talent of decoration artists he kept till the last moment, but at the concert he had to open the secret.
Another present for the Kim Breitburg was the performance of popular some years ago band Dialog, which leader was Breitburg.
Right after the concert all invited guests went to the dinner hall for after-party. Then, the congratulations in intimate conditions were more personal. Urgant passed the host seat to Alexey Chumakov, who entertained the public with refined speeches. The songs of the band A-sortie Keep on Shining and Balalaika of Alexey Chumakov and Alexander Panajotov were performed in breaks. They are presented at the selection for Eurovision this year. Also there was the special improvisation from A-sortie and Alexander Panjotov, that stroke everybody with beauty and originality.
Of course, none birthday passes without the cake. The huge multi-level cake became the present for Breitburg, it was driven to the hall during the last chords of Happy Brithday Kim performed by all the guests. To 3 oclock on the night the guests started to go away and the fest came to its logical end. However, such loud and impressing event will stay in the memory of guests and participants for long time, the viewers went home with the wish to see such show one more time.
The FBI Music, in its turn, company announced that such evening will become traditional.