Kim Breitburg will fly on air balloon

25 2005
The composer and producer Kim Breitburg, who wrote many hit songs for numerous Russian singers, celebrated his a50th anniversary in the Kremlin Palace. Both, beginner artists, like the finalists and the winners of the project Peooples Artist, and already popular singers came to congratulate the author.
The girls from the band A-sortie looked like models, that is why the male bands didnt make a step off them. Alexey Goman, Alexander Panajotov and Alexey Chumakov became more mature and good looking during the past year, due to what they looked more presentable.
Philip Kirkorov with Anastasia Stotskaya discussed her creative plans, after the performance, because it is still unknown who will represent Russia on Eurovision 2005.
Recently, Valeriy Leontiev visit Moscow more seldom. That time he posed in front of cameras with great pleasure demonstrating his perfect shape.
Prime Ministr were afraid not to get their fourth member Slava Bodolika to the concert. He seriously injured his leg during the tour to America. But Slava had enough courage. The singer worked well on the scene and nobody from the viewers guessed about his injury.
Now about the presents. Kim Breitburg was literally covered with them, starting from enourmous flower bouquets to the huge bottles of elite whiskey.

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