Public life

15 2005
Bling, I learnt the word for the whole day. I dont remember anything. What shall I do? I will close the mouth with the microphone Valeriy Meladze whispered to his friend at the backstage of State Kremlin Palace. The artists got amnesia on 13th of February at the anniversary concert of the composer Kim Breitburg.
While common mortals filled the hall, the artists occupied the backstage. It is fine with my pants! What are you shooting? You still will write that I was dressed bad Boris Moiseev complained and demonstrated his jeans to everybody, the pants slipped on the hips and opened the bright yellow trousers. AS it opened later, Boris put an evil eye on his pants. Right during the performance the jeans almost fell from the artist thanks God, he managed to hold it.
Philip Kirkorov behaved him self very polite and gentle that time: he pleasantly answered all journalists questions and posed in front of cameras. Philip Bedrosovich, who prefer4ed the jeans clothes too, decorated with different chains and other metal stuff, opened the concert and was in great shape. On our question about could that performance be considered as official comeback of the artist, Philip answered: It is the tribute to my friend. You know, I am in interesting situations nowAnd I can choose to perform or not. After his performance of some of his old hits, written by Breitburg, the viewers covered him with flowers and presents. And Valeriy Leontiev , who returned from Miami and looked just very fresh and dark, found him self in the real flower garden one of the flower bouquet was so big, that it stood on the stage it self.
Anastasia Stotskaya lightened her hair. She is capable on more! Kirkorov remarked and started to dispute about the participation of Stotskaya in Eurovision. The security was checking all packages given to their boos on the stage. One video tape with the long note caused strong interest. Watchful security read every string and tried the tape on teeth.
And it was only Larisa Dolina, who wasnt lucky that evening. First was that journalist(again) didnt noticed her appearance on the concert, and then, some bitch stepped on the skirt of her dress. Arkady Ukupnik fell under the bad hand. Larisa tenderly greeted him by saying: SnakeGori-ich! and insulted went to the make-up room.

Moskovskiy Komsomolots #33